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“A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive…just beautiful.”

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We keep current with whats trending in the wedding world and give advice how you can duplicate some looks for less or “on the cheap.”

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We are obsessed with simple and weddings. We love to make them look elegant and classy.



A Simple Elegant Wedding Is What We Love.

If you don’t have piles of cash to throw at a wedding, we understand. Weddings, needless to say, can be expensive as heck. However, to have a nice, classy simple, wedding doesn’t have to be expensive, because a wedding can be what you want it to be.

You just have to know how to plan your wedding based on your small budget, and you “CAN” plan one that doesn’t look like the town drunk, while having a drink too many, got creative, and planned it!

We like all things frugal but classy and elegant when it comes to a wedding!

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