Cheap And Classy Wedding Reception Ideas

If you have started planning your wedding, you are probably experiencing sticker shock. Weddings really don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Yes, your wedding can be cheap but classy. We are going to share with you ways to pay less, much less to get an upscale look to your wedding reception.

Before getting into showing you different looks, you must know what are the components that are associated with a wedding reception which are, food, caterer, rentals of linens, chairs, tables ( if your venue does not provide this), and music.

In this article we will focus on centerpieces that can be more on the expensive side, but show you alternatives how it can be done cheap but classy.

Elegance Look: #1


When you are planning a cheap wedding, mostly all of your d├ęcor will be Do-It-Yourself. This includes designing your table settings. Pinterest has an abundance of ideas, but the problem that brides encounter is how to do it cheaply, but get the same or “close to it look.”

The Centerpiece:

Centerpieces can get very expensive but if you do it the cheap and classy way, you can get close to the same look for less.

The cost of this centerpiece if done by a florist, could range from $150 to $250 if not more.

Below are different variations of do-it-yourself floral arrangements that will give you a classy look without the high price. All of these arrangements can be done for $50.00 dollars or less.

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